Books by Title & ISBN (Published by Invenire) (Commoners)

9780-88970-013-3 A Hard Road
9780-88970-005-2 A Little Bit Sunny
9780-88970-038-9 Addictions and Their Treatment
9780-88970-049-4 All for Margarita and other Stories
9780-88970-086-9 An Enduring Attachment: Jane Austen and her Readers
9780-88970-071-0 Arabic-English Dictionary
9780-88970-016-8 Auguries
9780-88970-042-7 Babylon and other Dreams
9780-88970-120-2 Bag Lady
9780-88970-055-9 Before the Dust Settles
9780-88970-011-7 Beneath the Wall of China
9780-88970-121-0 Billy Barker
9780-88970-019-2 Bing sur la ring, Bang sur la rang,
9780-88970-097-4 Boating Emergencies and Survival
9780-88970-009-5 Bouquets
9780-88970-124-3 Can’t Win, Can’t Lose, Can’t Quit
9780-88970-060-5 Castle of Chaos
9780-88970-128-1 Celebrating 150 Years at Russell House 1857-2007
9780-88970-057-5 Certain Things Touch me
9780-88970-020-6 Chemistry of Instruments
9780-88970-101-6 Child Support, Divorce, Custody, Access and Government Policy, A Gender-based Analysis
9780-88970-072-9 Cuisine Africaine et International
9780-88970-079-6 DEMS at War!
9780-88970-107-5 Down and Out in Canada’s Intelligence Service
9780-88970-108-3 Ek Jot Doi Moortee – One Soul Two Bodies
9780-88970-103-2 Emotional Terrorist & Violence Prone
9780-88970-136-6 Ethical Wrongfulness of Terrorist Actions, The
9780-88970-003-6 Fantasia
9780-88970-092-3 Father’s Creed
9780-88970-105-9 Fathers, Children, Family & Community
9780-88970-023-0 Focus on a Shadow
9780-88970-010-9 Game of Hearts
9780-88970-117-2 Gart at the Gates of Hell
9780-88970-091-5  Half a Minute to Midnight
9780-88970-085-0 Heritage 
9780-88970-068-0 Hiragana Renshucho
9780-88970-069-2 Histoire de la littérature Haïtienne
9780-88970-081-8 Historic Ottawa Poster
9780-88970-043-5 Home Again Lanka
9780-88970-026-5 In Lower Town
9780-88970-022-2 Inland: Three Rivers
9780-88970-065-6 International Law and the Black U.S. Minority 
9780-88970-046-X I’ve been so happy since I got my lobotomy
9780-88970-129-8 Karmic Car Cycles
9780-88970-067-2 Katakana Renshucho
9780-88970-041-9 Kidding Around Ottawa
9780-88970-078-8 Kitsilano Beach Songs
9780-88970-106-7 Kompyuta: 
9780-88970-075-3  Kosovo: The Song of the Serbs
9780-88970-098-2 Le SIDA: Un Choix
9780-88970-000-1 Leaving the Earth
9780-88970-039-7 Les Toxicomanies et leur Traitement
9780-88970-125-0 Listen carefully to everything he says, then ignore it completely.
9780-88970-123-6 Loving Law
9780-88970-127-4 Loving Law (Hardcover)
9780-88970-076-5 Ludere: A Life
9780-88970-087-7 Mainly a Fun Run
9780-88970-116-4 Manuscript and other plays
9780-88970-061-2 Marriage Creed
9780-88970-094-X Memories and Dreams
9780-88970-096-6 Men’s Organizations, Resources & Issues in Canada
9780-88970-082-6 MIVV
9780-88970-109-1 Mountain Laurel
978-0-88970-070-8 My Mother’s Stories
9780-88970-114-8 No Abiding City
9780-88970-088-5 No Morning Can Restore What We Have Forfeited
9780-88970-064-8 Nombres reels, Equations et ineqga;lites
9780-88970-015-X Nonce-sense
9780-88970-040-0 North Bay in Postcards
9780-88970-008-7 Northern Comfort
9780-88970-028-1 Not Nearly James Dean
9780-88970-112-1 Of Times and Places
9780-88970-004-4 Only the Graveyards are in Bloom
9780-88970-060-5 Ottawa Book
9780-88970-033-8 Ottawa Historic Calendar
9780-88970-032-X Ottawa in Postcards
9780-88970-018-4 Ottawa Valley People’s Yellow Pages
9780-88970-053-2 Ottawa’s Britannia
9780-88970-066-4 Otwieranie Bramy
9780-88970-119-9 Passengers to Points North
9780-88970-135-5 PS There’s More Paintings and Sculptures of Herman Falke
9780-88970-006-0 Pastel Shadows
9780-88970-115-6 Pères, enfants, famille et communauté
9780-88970-035-4  Poasis
9780-88970-025-7 Poems in November 
9780-88970-104-0 Political Thoughts of an Ordinary Canadian
9780-88970-062-1 Population et Echantillon
9780-88970-073-7  Portraits
9780-88970-130-4 Profession: Public Servant 
9780-88970-074-5 Quick Music!
9780-88970-111-3 Rebuilding Your House of Self-respect
9780-88970-080-X Redemption:
9780-88970-122-9 Revelatorium CD
9780-88970-027-3 Review Ottawa
9780-88970-050-8 Ring of Linked Rings
978-0-88970-131-1 Scheming Virtuously: the Road to Collaborative Governance
9780-88970-090-7   St. Alban’s:
9780-88970-031-1 Stations
9780-88970-052-4 Stepfamilies:
9780-88970-054-0 Stepfamilies: making Yours  Success
9780-88970-110-5 Stepfamilies: Making Yours a Success
9780-88970-002-8 Stephen Leacock and Me
9780-88970-036-2 Still Close to the Island
9780-88970-048-6  Sudbury in Postcards
9780-88970-100-8 Summer Was Only Beginning
9780-88970-051-X Symphoniphobias
9780-88970-089-3 Tears for my Roots
9780-88970-021-4 Temple Into Time
9780-88970-037-0 Teotihuacan and other Poems
9780-88970-102-4 Tesla from Lika to Niagara
9780-88970-113-X Tesla: the European years
9780-88970-077-9 The Brain is another Set of Eyes
9780-88970-012-5 The Buffalo Trail
978-088970-118-2 Revelatorium
9780-88970-045-1 Secret of Happiness, The (cloth)
9780-88970-044-3 Secret of Happiness 
9780-88970-084-2 The White Spectre and Other Poems
9780-88970-047-8 Topics in Physics
9780-88970-058-3 Topics in Physics II
9780-88970-007-9 Un Fleuve St Laurent
9780-88970-099-0 Valley Scribes
9780-88970-001-X Vol, En vol Survol
9780-88970-063-X    When Someone Cares
9780-88970-126-7 When the Chips are down, the Buffalo is Empty
978-0-88970-132-8 Who do we think we are?
9780-88970-056-7 You Must Have a Dream
9780-88970-030-3 You Must Have a Dream
9780-88970-083-4 Zacky and Libby

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