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The Emotional Terrorist & the Violence-Prone

by Erin Pizzey

emotional-terrorist“An important and original book about violence”

In this important book, suppressed in England, Pizzey argues that not every battered woman is simply a victim. To successfully reduce violence, Pizzy convincingly shows that domestic violence prevention workers must distinguish between the emotional terrorist, addicted to pain and provoking violence, and those truly seeking escape from violence. This is the successor to “Scream Quietly or the Neighbours Will Hear”, the first book on wife battering. It is a challenging must-read for all those dealing with family violence, policy-makers, family rights activists and anyone concerned about violence in society. The book contains the updated text of the original suppressed book, minus outdated appendices, plus Pizzey’s new research and conclusions comparing battered women and violence-prone women. A separate section describes the “emotional terrorist”, a personality instantly recognizable to their targets. How can we break the cycle of abuse-addiction- violence? Many DV researchers admit that money and social workers alone cannot solve these problems. Pizzey offers
an alternative strategy of love and hope for problem families. Eventually we must abandon the model of idealizing the "victim", demonizing the "perpetrator" and politicizing the issues. We must explore an alternative — Pizzey’s strategy, which is pragmatic, personal, and treats the whole family. More

ISBN: 978-0-88970-103-8 $19.95