Listen carefully to everything he says, then ignore it completely

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by Cliff Livingstone. Book 2 in the “CliffR” mini-series has a lifetime of funny stories about chasing the brass ring in business, from music to software to flowers to websites. Stories about John Lennon, Rochdale, selling flowers in a biker bar, being faster than the Snowbirds, NABU, and selling speakers to the future hearing impaired. You get to meet more interesting characters from the CliffR reality such as Coupon John and Ottawa’s Max Keeping. Seventy stories of adventures in Canadian business. Or one long adventure in “close but missed” opportunities, brushes with fame and fortune, humourously described in short, true, autobiographical stories.

 Quality paperback, 2008, 5½ x 8½, 208pp, ISBN 978-0-88970-125-0

“You can open this book anywhere and enjoy reading Cliff’s funny stories.”

“Business humour with metaphysical whimsy.”



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