Lorna Cheriton poetry

Lorna Cheriton
There are three books in the “Journey” series: the first is “Journey to a far country” which are poems and stories about travel around the world. The second, “Journey around the sun” are poems about seasons, nature and the world outside. The third, “Journey through darkness” is poems about the darker side of emotions, recovery, feelings, relationships and self-discovery.
Lorna Cheriton is a Canadian poet, artist, and traveller who lives in Vermont

Journey to a far land

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  • Journey around the sun
    5½x8½ in Paperback 102 pg ISBN 978-0-88970-207- 3 978-0-88970-208-0 (ebook) $12.95
    Journey through darkness
    5½x8½ in Paperback 123 pp ISBN 978-0-88970-211-0 $12.95