Emotional Terrorist-Violence Prone

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Erin Pizzey, author of
Emotional terrorist and the violence-prone
Erin Pizzey founded the first refuge in the world for battered wives in 1971. From that beginning there are now women’s shelters all over the world. Over a period of ten years, Erin Pizzey became involved with over 5,000 women and their children who came through her shelter. This book is the core of her thinking and conclusions on domestic violence. She has completed two world tours lecturing on domestic violence. She has two children and two grandchildren from her first marriage. A writer and a journalist, she has written: Scream Quietly or the Neighbors Will Hear (also done as a film of the same name), Infernal Child and The Slut’s Cookbook. Pizzey’s fiction writing includes The Watershed, In the Shadow of the Castle, The Pleasure Palace, First Lady, The Consul General’s Daughter, The Snow Leopard of Shanghai, Other Lovers, Swimming with Dolphins, For the Love of a Stranger, Kisses, and The Wicked World of Women.
ISBN: 978-0-88970-103-8 $19.95
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