Karmic Car Cycles

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By Cliff R. Livingstone. In this series, Book 4 chronicles a myriad of wacky and head shaking “bin there, did it, wished I hadn’t” type Karmic “Innie” and “Outie” misadventures involving machines of the automobile persuasion. See if you relate to these hapless perhaps stories of Karma, cars and cops. No cops and few vehicles were injured in the making of this book.

The Karmic Car Cycles is a non-stop romp of hilarious car misadventures. Having led one of the wackiest, most unusual, and unlikely lives on the planet, the author tumbles through these Karmic Car adventures at the rate of about ten laughs a minute.

Mr. Livingstone proposes that his car misadventures all occurred because he had a Karmic Car Cycle going on. He then builds his case though a series of uproariously funny “vignettes” that work in their own right over and above the narrative. The Karmic Car Cycles offers universal appeal to anyone who has owned, loved or hated a car.
2010, 5½ x 8½, 192pp, ISBN 978-0-88970-129-8


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