Julien Payne

Julien Payne is a prolific author, having written 43 books, 125 articles, and 45 major research proposals on Canadian family law. He has also presented 160 keynote national and international addresses to academicians, practising lawyers, and judges. Since his mandatory retirement from
academe, Dr. Payne and his wife, Marilyn, have continued to update their books on Canadian Family Law and on Child Support Guidelines In Canada which are published by Irwin Law Inc. His writings have been cited on numerous occasions, including 35 times in six landmark decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada. He has pioneered family mediation in Canada and has been called the architect of Unified Family Courts and no-fault divorce in Canada. His major contributions to substantive family
law reform in Canada began in 1966 and continue to the present day. Over a span of 45 years, he has produced groundbreaking research on no-fault divorce, spousal support, child support guidelines and matrimonial property rights and obligations. Many of the fundamental principles underlying current federal and provincial family law in Canada can be traced to commissioned research that he has undertaken on behalf of federal and provincial government departments and law reform agencies. His many and diverse contributions to substantive and procedural aspects of family law and to family dispute resolution reflect the combined efforts of a scholar and activist who has melded theory and practice for the benefit of the community at large as well as the legal community in Canada and elsewhere. His lifelong contributions were recognized in his appointment to the Order of Canada in 2004.
Marilyn A. Payne is an experienced author and the founding editor of the looseleaf service, Payne’s Divorce and Family Law Digests, 1980-1992. She is the co-author of Dealing With Divorce, McGraw-Hill
Ryerson Limited, 1991; Dealing With Family Law, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited, 1993; The Canadian Divorce Decisions Workbook, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited 1994; Canadian Family Law, 5th edition, Irwin Law, 2013 and of the forthcoming edition of Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2015, Irwin Law.

Link to the book “Divorce Guide for Canadians” (2015)