When the chips are down, the buffalo is empty

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by Cliff R. Livingstone. The CliffR Project comprises a memoir in these volumes which run contiguously from book to book like a mini-series on television. The books chronicle Livingstone’s missed business opportunities, unbelievable foibles with the fates, and close brushes with fame and fortune which live up to the billing as a non-stop romp morning, noon, and night… Livingstone’s journey – from child of the 60s to philosopher of the 90s takes us from one coast of North America to the other, from the wilds of British Columbia to the “Born To Be Wild” days of San Francisco, from selling flowers on mainstreet in a Montana mining town to selling mining stocks on Howe Street in Vancouver’s financial Mecca, from hard rock mining to hard rock music. Author Cliff Livingstone has been a dilettante entrepreneur most of his life, always touching the hem of the garment of success but never succeeding in grasping the gold ring. In the latter sixties he helped form the rock band “Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck which was musically more than twenty years ahead of its time.

Quality paperback, 2009, 5½ x 8½, 192pp, ISBN 978-0-88970-126-7


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