Loving Law

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A  Family Law Lawyer who believes in Family!

Dr. Lagha Fanaian based his book on his extensive experience in family law practice in Ottawa, on actual cases, and on his profound belief in the valuable and sacred nature of the family.
“There is too much secular law in family law and not enough of the spirit of family,” says Dr. Fanaian.

The book contains many cases, with personal details disguised, showing the necessity of reform, so that the law is no longer an instrument of injustice, but a method of problem solving.
“Reactive law is not part of the solution, it is part of the problem, “ says Fanaian, a former law professor.

“Loving Law” contains a chapter with a detailed proposal for a proactive, healing legal system and divorce law reform which would educate and empower separating families, encourage non-adversarial alternatives and make family law truly child-centred.

The family is not only the cell, but the ‘love cell’ of a healthy society. When fully functional, family is not only the child maker, but ‘human maker’, maker of children who are purposeful and enthusiastic in their life.
The real family institution is the end product of a gradual spiritual evolution. It is where we practically learn about pure love. It is the school for, not only physical, but spiritual growth. It instills timeless human values in the children to make them spiritually greater, to make them consciously loving others, even other living things and environment.

The Problem:
This “love cell”  is at serious risk of  breaking down, causing tremendous adverse consequences including an aimlessly wandering generation, a wide range of problems from kids killing kids, terrorism, vandalism, drug addicted teens, teen pregnancy, child poverty,  juvenile crime, loveless and lonely souls.

New approach: healing vs bandaging: The goal is to restore loving families by using loving tools (as we see in the pilot project here). It is focusing on the element of pure family love as the solution.  It includes profound family education to instill the spirit of pure love and sacrifice which makes the cohabitation of two souls a real family.  This is entirely different from the current approach which provides painkiller, like foster parents for children of broken families, involvement of  Children’s Aid Society, child protection corporations, temporary shelters for women of broken families, harsher penalty against young offenders, funding for child poverty, legal aid for family litigations, and so on.
Loving Law, by Dr. Lagha Fanaian Quality paperback 2008, 5.5×8.5 128pp, ISBN 978-0-88970-123-6. $16.95


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