Robin Higham

Robin Higham has spent many years abroad as a Canadian diplomat in Africa, Asia, Europe and the US. Viewing Canada through the eyes of others, he has always been fascinated by the contrast between how we appear from abroad and how we feel about ourselves. He has convened several Canada-European Union conferences which explore the many implications of the arrival amongst us of culturally and ethnically diverse immigrant newcomers. Since retiring from the Foreign Service, Robin has been attached to the University of Ottawa as Senior Fellow. He is a Partner-Director of Invenire.
Who do we think we are?
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About the ideas in Robin’s book…

Who do we think we are? is a readable and entertaining short-course for ordinary citizens, non-experts who want to participate in the national conversations about the challenges and opportunities generated by the arrival in Canada of so many newcomers. The characters in these twelve contrived discussions discover a uniquely Canadian modus-vivendi that keeps us negotiating and accommodating rather than deciding and excluding. They propose an updating of the model in order to keep the file on the identity question open and active and to ensure continued debate about who we think we are. Can we hold it all together while they talk about it?

Quality Paperback, Published in 2009, 6×9″ 160 pp $19.95

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