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You can get ebooks of many of our titles below in three formats:

  • Kindle (Mobi format) -table can show link to Amazon order page
  • Apple Ipad (Android, Kobo, Nook, Sony readers… (Epub format) -table will show link to Apple store and link to order from Commoners
  • PDF (various devices including PC and Mac). Link will be to order from Commoners.

Our books have no digital rights management (DRM) so you can freely transfer our ebooks to your portable reader. Please respect our authors and copyright. If any of the table cells are not linked, or are under construction, please send us an email here, or phone us: 613.523.2444 and do a person to person order (same cost).

Commoners Publishing Ebooks
(to order, click on link)
title author Kindle Amazon Ipad PDF
Cities as Crucibles François Lapointe n/a no no pdflogo
The Entrepreneurial Effect Bowen et al. mobi http://is.gd/ebNWW


Profession: Public Servant Ruth Hubbard mobi http://is.gd/ebVOI epub pdflogo
Scheming Virtuously: the road to collaborative governance Gilles Paquet mobi http://is.gd/ebVUB epub pdflogo
Who do we think we are? Robin Higham mobi http://is.gd/ebW0c epub pdflogo
Child Support, Divorce, Custody, Access and Government Policy, A Gender-based Analysis W.G. Cheriton mobi http://is.gd/ebW77


Revelatorium Delannovah Starr Livingstone mobi http://is.gd/ebWyi epub pdflogo
Castle of Chaos Andrew Hansen mobi http://is.gd/ec4Vu epub pdflogo
The Ethical Wrongfulness of Terrorist Actions Mahmoud Masaeli, Ed mobi http://is.gd/ec52g epub pdflogo
P.S. There’s more… Herman Falke mobi http://is.gd/ec5bO epub pdflogo
Loving Law Lagha Fanaian mobi http://is.gd/ec5vq epub pdflogo
Can’t Win, Can’t Lose, Can’t Quit Cliff R Livingstone mobi http://is.gd/ec9p3 epub pdflogo
Listen carefully to everything he says, then ignore it completely Cliff R Livingstone mobi http://is.gd/ec9kA epub pdflogo
When the chips are down, the Buffalo is empty Cliff R Livingstone mobi http://is.gd/ec9hr epub pdflogo
Karmic Car Cycles Cliff R Livingstone mobi http://is.gd/ec902 epub pdflogo
Billy Barker Greydon Moore mobi   epub pdflogo
Tesla: the European years D. Mrkich mobi http://is.gd/ed4EM epub pdflogo

Note to readers: we will be making more of our books available as ebooks, and in more formats. Please send a query about particular titles. Thanks, the Editors.

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