Entrepreneurial Effect

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The Entrepreneurial Effect:

Practical Ideas from Your Own Virtual Board of Advisors

Selected by James Bowen


Terry Matthews, Tamas Michel Koplyay, Jean-Pierre Levy-Mangin, Li Li, Denny Doyle, James Bowen, Ray Novokowsky, Eli Fathi, Sorin Cohn-Sfetcu, Rob Ashe, Adam Chowaniec, Deborah Weinstein, Ken Wigglesworth, Dave Curley, Andrew Moffat, Margo Crawford, Peter Sommerer, Patrick DiPietro, Nathan Rudyk, Tony Bailetti, Brian Hurley, Jeffrey Dale, Lance Laking, Bernard Herscovich, Mike Gassewitz, Bernie Ashe, Donna Price, Debi Rosati, Antoine Paquin, Irving Ebert & Bruce Lazenby

Every budding entrepreneur seems to imagine a series of “lunch dates” with the most successful entrepreneurs in technology and business. What skills are needed to be successful in starting, growing and managing technology-based business in the 21st century? What does the Ottawa area – Silicon Valley north– need to effect a critical base of tech entrepreneurs? Every business seems to have some technology base and every entrepreneur needs the skills, knowledge and experience detailed in these lessons from the most successful business people.

Lessons include management, marketing, planning, people, sales, technology, public relations, financing, outsourcing, alliances, risk management, and many others.

When you want to be the best, learn from the best. This book is your opportunity with 32 of the best lessons in entrepreneurship.

Selected ideas from this book:

Terry Matthews: This book has “compiled the thoughts of people that I have known and worked with for many years. I have learned to respect and trust their views and experience. I regard this book as a highly useful collection of some of the shrewdest nuggets of hard-won wisdom available anywhere.”“Changes, crises and challenging times – all bring opportunities with them. An entrepreneur sees these moments as the time to take a risk!”Peter Sommerer: Change changes everything. The # 1 rule: there are no rules.Deborah Weinstein: Do not build a company by the goal of your exit plan, but build a successful company and an appropriate exit path will happen.Denny Doyle: “During the eighteen years that I was with Digital, I got pretty well everything I asked for in terms of resources and in every case, it was because I packaged the request in the form of a business plan.”
ISBN: 978-0-9813931-2-4 $27.95
distributor’s EAN: 9780889701335

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The Entrepreneurial Effect

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