Entrepreneurial Effect Waterloo

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The Entrepreneurial Effect: Waterloo

Practical Ideas in Technology from Your Own Virtual Board of Advisors

Larry Borsato, James Bowen, Dave Caputo, Steve Carkner, Yvan Couture, Ray dePaul, Rick Endrulat, Jim Estill, Harley Finkelstein, Rod Foster, Vita Gasima, Brydon Gilliss, Ted Hastings, Cameron Hay, Kevin Hood, Iain Klugman, Carol Leaman, Aurélien Leftick, Dan Latendre, Randall Litchfield, Steven McCartney, Mike Morrice, Robert Pavlis, Roger Skubowius, William M. Tatham, Robert Tong, Moren Lévesque, Andrew Maxwell, Dan Mathers, Adam Zimmer and Ann Zimmer. Foreword by University of Waterloo President Dr. Feridun Hamdullahpur.

Every entrepreneur wants to know more and to able to do more. Learning from those who have succeeded is one of the best ways to accomplish that. The entrepreneurs in this book discuss the skills needed to be successful in starting, growing and managing technology-based business in the 21st century.
Lessons include being an entrepreneur, marketing, strategy & planning, people, sales, growth, technology, investors, financing, operations, corporate culture and a test of your entrepreneurial capability. When you want to be the best, learn from the best, and here is your opportunity with 30 of the best lessons in entrepreneurship.

Selected ideas from this book:

“It is often speculated that the secret to the success of Waterloo Region’s technology cluster ‘must be something in the water’. This collection of insights from many of Waterloo’s leading entrepreneurs, stops just short of revealing the secret ingredient.”
Rod B McNaughton, Director, Conrad Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology
“Learning from real-world experiences defines a Waterloo education and the high tech successes in the region. I believe learning from close-to-home experiences, as provided in Entrepreneurial Effect [books], is an intelligent pre-requisite, for any current and future entrepreneur.”
–Mike Gassewitz, President & CEO Kindsight, California

“If you are creating or building a business, this book is for you. What an opportunity to learn from men and women who have done it – and are willing to share.”
Steve Farlow, Executive Director, Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship, Wilfrid Laurier University

“The Kitchener Waterloo technology cluster is something that all Canadians can be proud of. We can also be proud of the people who build it, their contributions to this book should prove to be of great assistance to the people who will create the next generation of Waterloo tech.”
Denzil Doyle, former President and CEO of Digital Equipment of Canada, Chairman of Capital Alliance Ventures Inc and Order of Canada recipient

Quality Paperback, 200 pages, 6×9″ ISBN: 978-0-9813931-9-3 $24.95
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The Entrepreneurial Effect: Waterloo

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