Cities as crucibles

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Reflections on Canada’s Urban Future (subtitle)

Cities as Crucibles Book

2011 (ebook now available)

The vast majority of Canadians live in cities, and this trend will accelerate. Yet, discussion of urban requirements, policy and agendas barely registers for many citizens. In this important book, François Lapointe, a practicing urbanist, provides a distinctive analysis of urban reality and an imaginative and thought-provoking vision of a sustainable, healthy and resilient urban future. He asks essential questions:

      What do we see in Cities?


      What does it tell us?


    What do we need to do about it?

“Cities as crucibles” is a challenging read on governance and urbanism.

Quality Paperback, with illustrations and photographs, 11×8½” 245 pg, Publication date: May 2011, ISBN 978-0-9813931-8-6: $49.95

François Lapointe, author of "Cities as Crucibles"

About the author:
François Lapointe is Vice President, Capital Planning at the National Capital Commission in Ottawa. His practice in urbanism spans three decades, both in Ontario and Quebec. In 2003, he was the recipient of the Hans Blumenfeld Award by the Ordre des urbanistes du Québec, in recognition of his contribution to urbanism in the province of Quebec.

–Marni Cappe, MCIP, RPP, describes the book: “What makes some cities great and others just ordinary? How can we make sure that we are doing our best to shape Canada’s cities so that they are wonderful places to live and work for people who are poor or rich, young or old, recently-arrived or First Nations? How can we get governments — at all levels — to work together with common purpose to address the challenges of our cities today and in the future?
“Cities as Crucibles: Reflections on Canada’s Urban Future advocates strongly and passionately for a different urban world-view. Through the reflections on Canada’s urban future, the book explores the many dimensions and ramifications of an urban agenda, more specifically:
“It documents the urban reality of Canada in a holistic manner, showing and explaining its intricacies and complexities in an accessible and readable language.

“It puts forward a number of proposals for the governance of Canadian cities in the context of the development and realization of Canada’s urban agenda.
“It seeks to elicit, among Canadians, further reflections about the country’s cities and their future, with the hope that it will address the particular learning and participation needs of younger Canadians.

“Cities as Crucibles is full of case studies and illustrations that make the “urban agenda” come to life. Drawing from his experience in both the municipal and federal government sectors, François Lapointe argues convincingly for new models of collaboration, better decision-making within and between governments, and above all, for re-designing the platforms for citizen engagement. Like a good urban planner, Lapointe forces us to think long-term and beyond the boundaries of our individual urban realities, while at the same time, grounding us in issues that are both immediate and local.”

Quality Paperback
with illustrations and photographs, 11×8½” 245 pg, Publication date: May 2011, ISBN 978-0-9813931-8-6: $49.95


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Cities as Crucibles: Reflections on Canada’s Urban Future


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