Castle of Chaos

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by Andrew Hansen 

The ideas in this book:

Why do we change? My friend asked me that question one day during the summer as we were talking about the good old times but I don’t know at this present moment in time what the answer will be. Change is for the better: that was hard to get into my head. Do we take everything for granted or do we have to change everything for once and for all?

Setting goals is just a beginning in my whole approach to the counterjunction of time. Maintaining a positive attitude is another part of this approach. Finally, here are my new theories on time management. Yes, I am interested in time and space and confusion. The “Counter Junction of Time Approach” was developed when I was in high school.

A few changes here and there lead to the conclusion that all points of chaos and confusion will combine into one force. The challenges ahead will be there by chance and not by choice. The question is when to move ahead and when to hold back, to figure things out.

“Here’s a story about confusion and chaos called the Castle of Chaos. So, sit back, relax as I’m going to tell you my story with a tune and a beat so here we go…”

Counter Junction Soup? What’s in the Counter Junction Soup? Good Question …. A pinch of confusion A dab of spatial time vortex! a soupsone of chaos Cream of bone chiller’s waltz…

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